Patient Care Partners is a team of experienced professional advocates who work with private clients to navigate healthcare and insurance systems. In essence, we take difficult situations and assist in resolving them to the benefit of the patient. We help give a voice to those who feel like the system is not listening.  We help families and caregivers who are exhausted and feel guilty about not meeting all the needs of their loved ones. 

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My family retained Patient Care Partners to assist with long term care facility issues and wrapping up the medical practice after my brother-in law’s death. The three-woman team (Nancy Arnold RN, Carol Wittenberg RN, and Debby Deutsch BCPA) cannot be more highly recommended for their professionalism, empathy, and competence.

Not only were they available to ensure care meetings occurred in the facility, but they also conferred with the professionals at the facility and were emotionally supportive to my sister. They assisted my family in understanding what to expect in a long -term care and rehabilitation facility and provided resources to attain the highest attainable care for my brother-in-law.

The team builds upon the special skills of each other to deliver competent, accessible, and excellent support. They are a knowledgeable and professional, and absolutely necessary addition to any family members struggling with what to expect in the long- term care system.

Attorney Linda R. Renard


Debby saved our agency a great deal of time and frustration in dealing with the complications of our client’s Long Term Care Insurance. We were overjoyed for our client to receive a reimbursement of over $15k that was originally paid out of pocket for their home care services! 

Debby’s knowledge, expertise, dedication, and follow-through were invaluable to us – we couldn’t have done it without her! Fantastic communication & teamwork!  We look forward to continued collaboration on behalf of our agency and clients in the future. 

Rene Gibbs, Agape Senior Services

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