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Patient Care Partners

We Are Your Advocate

when healthcare isn't listening...
We can help!  Learn how.

We Are Your Voice

when you need the medical system to hear.

Medical Bills

Help resolving insurance and billing issues.

Coverage Gaps

Help Identify healthcare and community support

Care Coordination

Care coordination between you and your medical care team

We Also Advocate

Medical Second Opinions
Medical Transitions
Medical Power of Attorney
Advanced Care Directives
Employment Health
American Disabilities Act

Why Patient Care Partners

Too many patients get left behind or left out of the system.

Medical care is more complex than ever.  Health care providers, insurance companies, state and federal regulations...


Patient Care Partners will help you:

  • navigate the system
  • resolve billing issues
  • identify choices
  • take charge
  • regain control
  • aging in place
  • grief support

It's time to be heard.


Who We Are

Patient Care Partners is a team of experienced professional patient advocates who work with private clients to navigate healthcare and insurance systems. 

We take difficult situations and resolve them to the benefit of the patient. 

We assist patient's families and caregivers.
Learn More About Your Patient Care Partners Team
Debby Deutsch Patient Care Partners

Debby Deutsch

Principal, Board Certified Patient Advocate

Debby Deutsch

Principal, Board Certified Patient Advocate
Carol Wittenberg Patient Care Partners

Carol Wittenberg, RN MS

Nurse, Patient Advocate

Carol Wittenberg, RN MS

Nurse, Patient Advocate
Nancy Arnold Patient Care Partners

Nancy Arnold, RN

Nurse, Patient Advocate

Nancy Arnold RN

Nurse, Patient Advocate
Ann Brewer BSN Patient Advocate

Ann Brewer

Nurse, Patient Advocate

Ann Brewer, RN

Nurse, Patient Advocate
Teri Brouchoud

Terri Brouchoud

Social Worker, Patient Advocate

Terri Brouchoud

Social Worker, Patient Advocate
Liz Allen Patient Care Partners

Liz Allen MS

 Grief Counselor

Liz Allen, MS

Grief Counselor
Dennis Barnum Patient Care Partners Business and Operations Manager

Dennis Barnum

Business and Operations Manager

Dennis Barnum

Business and Operations Manager
Patient Care Partners Feature Testimonial


"My family retained Patient Care Partners to assist with long term care facility issues and wrapping up the medical practice after my brother-in law’s death. The three-woman team (Nancy Arnold RN, Carol Wittenberg RN, and Debby Deutsch BCPA) cannot be more highly recommended for their professionalism, empathy, and competence.

Not only were they available to ensure care meetings occurred in the facility, but they also conferred with the professionals at the facility and were emotionally supportive to my sister. They assisted my family in understanding what to expect in a long -term care and rehabilitation facility and provided resources to attain the highest attainable care for my brother-in-law.

The team builds upon the special skills of each other to deliver competent, accessible, and excellent support. They are a knowledgeable and professional, and absolutely necessary addition to any family members struggling with what to expect in the long- term care system."

West Bend, WI
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St. Michael, MN
“Thank you so much, Debby, you were wonderful to work with. You gave us great advice in regard to Mom’s care, and you gave us the confidence to deal with some difficult situations.”


Madison, WI
“Debby helped me immensely during a very stressful time. She is calming and kind, but also extremely effective and responsive. It was so nice to have help from someone I could rely on who knows the local healthcare and hospital systems, Medicare, etc.”
Patient Care Partners Testimonials


Madison, WI
“I have been working in healthcare since 1985. Private patient advocacy is definitely a need.”

Free Initial Consultation

At your initial VIRTUAL consultation, we will assess your situation; including current needs and concerns. 

Afterwards, we will provide you with a summary; including resources that may meet your needs. 

Our Affiliations

Patient Care Partners is proud to be affiliated with these professional organizations
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