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In this heartfelt video, a concerned family member reaches out to Patient Care Partners seeking assistance in navigating the complex landscape of long-term physical and mental care for their aging father.

They share the challenges and emotional struggles associated with providing adequate support and ensuring the well-being of their elderly parent.

Patient Care Partners steps in as a compassionate guide, offering expertise and tailored solutions to address the unique needs of the aging veteran.

Video Transcript

Our family had hit a wall in making positive progress on my dad's care.We were overwhelmed with his complex and overlapping needs related to physical and mental health.

We were weighing options for his long term care and trying to secure support for my mom, who is my dad's primary caregiver.

We reached out to Debby on the suggestion of a health care professional we know, and she called back immediately.

Even in that first conversation with Debby, I felt seen and heard. She provided resources, tools and next steps that made us feel like we actually had a way forward.

Now, thanks to Debby and Nancy, my dad is enrolled in the VA system and is receiving care.

We simply cannot imagine doing this without Debby and Nancy and have so much gratitude for them being part of our team.

Aging at Home

Family or individuals seeking to age at home face unique challenges. We have insights, answers and solutions.
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Caregiver Support

Caring for an infirm or aging loved one can be overwhelming; particularly when remote.  We can ease the burden.
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Cancer Support

A loved one with cancer require complex healthcare services. We can help navigate and advocate for caregivers and patients.
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We Also Advocate

Medical Second Opinions
Medical Transitions
Medical Power of Attorney
Advanced Care Directives
Employment Health
American Disabilities Act

Why Patient Care Partners

You don't have to handle this alone.

Medical care is more complex than ever.


Patient Care Partners can:

  • navigate the system
  • resolve billing issues
  • support aging in place
  • coordinate special needs services
  • assist remote caregivers
  • assist with grief support

We are here to help you - anywhere in the United States.


Video Transcript

Debby Deutsch, Board Certified Patient Advocate and President of Patient Care Partners private patient advocacy speaks.

"Patient Care Partners is a private patient advocacy firm. We offer nursing advocacy support, case management support and medical billing support.

I worked for many years as a hospital chaplain, and as a hospice worker. I could see over the years that some patients were not well-served by our systems.

I also supported my younger sister, my father and my mother at end of life; spending many hours bedside with them in hospitals, and experienced what it is to be a family member.

And and that's tough. That continued my thinking "is there a way that I could help with this fragmented system"?

That's really what drove me to get additional training and board certification and credentials so that I would be sufficiently trained to help in this capacity.

Then I gathered a team of experts to work with me so that we could we could tackle some of these very complex problems together.

We have been serving patients and families for a little over eight years. We are very, very proud of what we do. We believe that we are able to support patients and families in ways that our traditional health systems are no longer able to."

A Patient Care Partners client says, "They're very savvy and know how to help a person get into a good placement if they have to leave their home. And also, they're just very gracious, compassionate people."

Another Patient Care Partners client says, "Patient Care Partners is wonderful for our situation where we are. We have no children and we don't have anybody who would step up and be able to care for us."

A third Patient Care Partners client says, "My family feels happier, now that I'm secure, and happier that I have someone that I can contact."

Debby Deutsch continues: "Every patient is unique. Every situation is unique. And it's an honor and a privilege. We are, my team, and I, are very happy to serve in this capacity."

Who We Are

Patient Care Partners is a virtual team of experienced professional patient advocates who work with private clients to navigate healthcare and insurance systems. 

We take difficult situations and resolve them virtually.

We assist loved ones, families and caregivers.
Learn More About Your Patient Care Partners Team
Debby Deutsch

Debby Deutsch

Principal, Board Certified Patient Advocate

Debby Deutsch

Principal, Board Certified Patient Advocate
Carol Wittenberg

Carol Wittenberg, RN MS

Nurse, Patient Advocate

Carol Wittenberg, RN MS

Nurse, Patient Advocate
Nancy Arnold

Nancy Arnold, RN

Nurse, Patient Advocate

Nancy Arnold RN

Nurse, Patient Advocate
Ann Brewer BSN Patient Advocate

Ann Brewer

Nurse, Patient Advocate

Ann Brewer, RN

Nurse, Patient Advocate
Terri Brouchoud

Terri Brouchoud

Social Worker, Patient Advocate

Terri Brouchoud

Social Worker, Patient Advocate
Liz Allen

Liz Allen MS

 Grief Counselor

Liz Allen, MS

Grief Counselor
Dennis Barnum

Dennis Barnum

Business and Operations Manager

Dennis Barnum

Business and Operations Manager
This office manager's story highlights the journey from a dire situation of trying to transition a difficult, non-verbal patient from the hospital to a care facility. Patient Care Partners private nurse and patient advocates are able to provide solutions filled with hope and improvement.

The video illustrates the positive impact of patient advocacy through the lens of this challenging yet ultimately rewarding experience.

Video Transcript

I'm an office manager, and I work with a family that uses the services for Patient Care Partners.

So the family that I work with, we had a very difficult situation, very hard to navigate.

We went through a three month hospitalization where the patient would not allow anyone in the room. She would not allow anyone to bathe them. She wouldn't allow them to work on her wounds. So as we're going through the process, trying to find a place for her to be placed, everybody that came in wouldn't take her because she would throw things at them.

She was nonverbal except for the screaming, and it was a very dire situation. Having Nancy from Patient Care Partners come in on a daily basis and work her way into her life was not easy.

But it worked. And it changed the life of the patient, and definitely changed the life of her family and her husband and everyone around her.

It's gone from bad to really good.

We've been able step by step to get through these processes with the help of this company. Without them, there's no way we could have gotten where we are now.
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Dr. Angela Ingraham Patient Care Partners Testimonial

More Testimonials

"A patient advocate can serve as a valuable member of your healthcare team. Patient advocates do not replace any members of your team, rather they provide added value.

I personally like the analogy recently published by the Coalition of Health Care Advocacy Organizations ( Think about working with a patient advocate as being similar to how “students and teachers welcome skillful tutors.”

The unfortunate reality is that numerous barriers exist to patients fully understanding, having access to, and receiving the care that they need. Our healthcare teams are asked to care for more patients, with increasing complexity, despite having fewer resources and support. Providers unfortunately cannot always spend the time they would want with each individual patient.

Navigating the healthcare system is becoming increasingly more complex and harder to understand, both from clinical, relational, and financial perspectives. Additionally, patients and their families or surrogates often encounter these challenges during periods of acute medical need. During these times, when patients and families should be focused on their relationships and supporting each other mentally and emotionally, time and effort are instead spent calling insurance companies or playing phone tag with doctors’ offices.

Patient advocates support and guide patients and families during these difficult times through a wide range of services, without being beholden to healthcare systems and insurance companies. From identifying providers who can render second opinions, to facilitating communication with your healthcare team, to easing the transition from hospitalization to home, patient advocates serve as a “tutor” to be by your side.

I understand the benefits of patient advocacy from both a professional and personal perspective, having served as an advocate for my father and family as he battled brain cancer at the age of 69. He undoubtedly received a higher quality of care and our family enjoyed more precious time together as a result of my ability to advocate for him and navigate complex medical situations.

Unfortunately, many people are not aware that patient advocacy services exist, but anyone facing a significant health challenge should consider the invaluable support a patient advocate can provide."
Angela Ingraham, MD, MS, FACS
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Patient Care Partners Testimonial from Veteran
Our family had hit a wall in making positive progress on my dad’s care. We were overwhelmed with his complex and overlapping needs related to physical and mental health. We were weighing options for his long term care and trying to secure support for my mom who is Dad’s primary caregiver. We reached out to Debby on the suggestion of a health care professional we know, and she called back immediately. 

Even in that first conversation with Debby I felt seen and heard, and she provided resources, tools, and next steps that made us feel like we actually had a way forward. Since then, Debby and Nancy RN have been an absolutely invaluable part of how our family is creating a team of care around my Dad. For example, we had completely stalled out in figuring out how to access VA eligibility and benefits, and now thanks to Debby and Nancy my Dad is enrolled and receiving care. 

They also are an incredibly helpful and kind sounding board when making difficult decisions about next steps. We simply cannot imagine doing this without Debby and Nancy, and have so much gratitude for them being part of our team!

Daughter of a Veteran
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