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The Advocates

Patient Care Partners and Brava Magazine

Patient Care Partners was featured in Brava Magazine's Sept/Oct 2020 Article:

 " The Advocates"
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About Debby Deutsch, Founder of Patient Care Partners

Brava Magazine interviewed Debby Deutsch, the founder of Patient Care Partners, about her work in patient advocacy.   

Debby spoke at length about her own experiences with family medical care issues and how they inspired her to become a patient advocate.

Patient Care Partners Debby Deutsch Founder
"Debby Deutsch decided to become a patient advocate when her dad was hospitalized in 2015 and placed in a rehabilitation facility. Even with her medical background, Deutsch encountered numerous hurdles during her dad's illness; including finding a home health agency and a lack of communication with hospital staff that ultimately prevented him from getting the hospice support he needed in his final days."
Shelby Rowe Moyer
Brava Magazine
Patient Care Partners Debby Deutsch Passion

Why Patient Care Partners Was Founded

Debby Deutsch, Founder of Patient Care Partners told Shelby Rowe Moyer of Brava Magazine about why she was so passionate about creating Patient Care Partners:

"After her father's passing, Deutsch wanted to help people avoid the painful health care experiences she'd gone through..."

"I think of us like tour guides. We've got the map and understand the native language. These folks are in a foreign place. They're lost."

A Patient Care Partners Client Describes Her Experience

A Patient Care Partners client, "Margaret" talked to Brava Magazine about her experiences.   She described the critical part her Patient Care Partners advocates played in making difficult medical decisions for her husband:

"The Patient Care Partners advocates had more than 30 years experience in nursing. They were able to read her husband's chart and explain what was going on. They attended meetings alongside her to discuss his medical options."

"Margaret said, 'It was soothing to have reassurance that the right decisions were being made. When you're in a health crisis with a loved one, it's hard to know if you're doing the right thing..."'

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