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The Cost of Not Using a Patient Advocate

I'm an average non-medical person 
who's had the blessing of good health. 

But now, my hip hurt.

Duration of treatment: 9 months
Number of Doctors:  5
Number of Physicians' Assistants: 12
Total Out-of-Pocket Expenditures: $25,000+ (before surgery)
Number of Unnecessary Treatments:   5
When you see the numbers on the left, you'd think my hip pain was a complex case.  It wasn't.  In fact it was fairly obvious. I needed hip replacement surgery.

It took 9 months, 5 doctors, 12+ physicians assistants, 5 unnecessary treatments and over $25,000 in bills to finally reach the diagnosis. 

The "system" chewed me up and spit me out.

Had I engaged the invaluable help of a Patient Advocate...this NEVER would have happened.

How Did Things Get So Bad So Fast?

Reflecting on the Journey


I naively believed that when I saw a medical professional, they would provide the most individualized, effective, appropriate diagnosis and treatment.  

But there are many strings pulling their attention away from pure patient care: insurance company requirements, excessively long hours, low staff levels, potential legal liabilities and profit margins.   

This can create a minefield for patients. A patient advocate understands how to diffuse these conflicting interests and get appropriate care.


Medical professionals are, in many ways, deities.  When you are suffering; they are your lifeline.  

As concerns begin to accrue, it's easy to overlook them. Do I care that the doctor can't stop yawning during my appointment?  Is my personal medical information being broadcast loudly to the entire waiting room OK (HIPAA anyone)?

I just want relief. I just want the pain to end.

A patient advocate has extensive medical expertise to identify problems that do not deserve the benefit of the doubt. They'll let you know it's time to find someone more competent.


Every patient is acutely aware of their potential financial burden for medical needs. My minimal insurance benefits had long since been exhausted. Having to write checks for steroid injections, MRIs, X-rays, doctor fees, etc. was overwhelming - especially when nothing seemed to work. It was rapidly becoming "what can I afford" vs. "what will fix the problem".

With a private patient advocate, these unnecessary procedures and referrals would have been avoided. My net financial outlay with a Patient Advocate would have been lower than without.


Let's be honest. Most of us are not medical professionals. We shouldn't have to be.

When we are suffering we don't have the bandwidth to take on the complexities of the healthcare system. We deserve proper care. We deserve healing. We deserve answers. We deserve reputable, competent, medical personnel.

Getting lost in the medical system feels like we're flailing away in the water rapids gasping for breath. We deserve to have someone by our side who can take our hand and lead us to safety.

We deserve our own Private Patient Advocate.

Patient Care Partners Are the Best

At Private Patient Advocacy

I'm happy to say I finally had my hip surgery.  But please - don't make my mistakes.  Do not do this alone.
 Talk to a Patient Advocate today and find out how they can help.
by L. Pumper · Business Owner · Naples, Florida
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