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Coping with Loss

How Patient Care Partners Helps
 Patients Coping with Loss

John and Early Stage Dementia

John is a retired University professor, highly regarded in his chosen field. He and his wife had a lovely home on a lake where they raised their two sons. Both sons are grown, living on the East Coast, and very successful. John’s wife passed away 2 years ago.
Now John is experiencing early-stage dementia, as well as some other health issues. Consequently, John is forced to leave his home for better care in a facility.
In a relatively short time, John has lost his wife, his home, his memory and his entire way of life. Extreme depression has set in as John tries to come to grips with all of this.

Patient Care Partners Counseling

John's sons contacted Patient Care Partners to evaluate and recommend services.  In partnership with Patient Care Partners grief counseling, John now receives assistance, therapy and regular assessment.  As John learns coping strategies, John's sons are constantly updated on his mental health.
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The Stress of Sudden Loss

Sudden loss is one of the top stressors in anyone’s life. Of the top 10 major stressors, half are related to some form of sudden loss. 

Financial Worries

Particularly in current times of high inflation, seniors on fixed income and limited savings, who once felt financially secure, are increasingly anxious about the future and corresponding loss of financial security.
A patient advocate can work to secure appropriate financial support services.  Some resources can be free or low-cost.

Unstable Living Situations

Many seniors, who have lived in the same house for years, with all the attendant memories, are suddenly faced with the possibility of being unable to continue living in their home. They are faced with the loss of their personal foundation.
Patient advocates are experts in senior housing evaluations, assessments and options. 

Loss of Independence

Many seniors find it increasingly difficult to navigate the modern world, whether dealing with the day to day needs of their living space or negotiating the outside world for simple things as acquiring groceries, getting to healthcare appointments, or simply interacting with friends.
Talk to us about local senior services and support networks.

Chronic Illness

Sudden illness can be particularly devastating for seniors who are ill equipped to survive a chronic condition. Coupled with an increasingly complex healthcare system,  the situation can be overwhelming.
A patient advocate is your strongest ally in tackling the healthcare system.

General Loneliness

Many seniors witness the slow erosion of their social structure, as friends pass away, family members get absorbed by their day-to-day challenges and the general inability to get out and socialize lead to loneliness and depression.
Patient Care Partners is happy to recommend senior social services; including activities and transportation. 

Death of a Spouse

This is the most obvious and most devastating loss of all. Even couples who would describe their relationship as challenged have developed a mutual dependency that is suddenly gone.
Grief counselors provide vital support when dealing with the loss a loved one.  Contact us to learn more about this service.

Coping with Loss

Grief Counseling

Patient Care Partners Can Help

People are reluctant to burden friends and family with their issues, particularly parents relying on help from their children.  And loss can be naturally isolating.  

This is exactly the time to reach out for help.  

Patient Care Partners has assisted many families through loss.  Our advocates are trained, experienced and ready to implement needed support.

Types of Assistance

Patient Care Partners nurses advocates are experts in elder care and hospice.  Our nurse advocates can assess what support would be appropriate each situation. This may be as simple as talking about the loss. It could involve small support groups that focus on grief and loss. Or it may require using our own grief counseling services

Professional grief counselors can help understand the source of your loss, the grief you are feeling and solutions to help you cope with your loss and subsequent feelings.

It all starts with the recognition that loss, grief and depression can be all interconnected.  Help is available.

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