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About Us

Patient Care Partners is a private patient advocate resource that works for you.

From pediatric to geriatric cases, we help you navigate the healthcare system.

Patient Advocacy is Needed 
Now More than Ever

Aging at Home

Patient Advocates Provide Critical Caregiver Support 

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Remote Caregiving

Patient Advocates Provide Critical Caregiver Support 

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Cancer Support

Patient Advocates support and coordinate complex healthcare needs

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Medical Bills

80% of medical bills have errors (2019).


A doctor spends an average of 15 minutes with a patient (2020).


A doctor sees an average of 11 to 20 patients per day (2018).


Over 19% of insurance claims submitted via in-network services were denied (2017).

About Us

Patient Care Partner's goal is to help our patients and families, even if distance is a factor.

Through telemedicine and virtual options, we track all the ways in which we can improve our client's care throughout the US.

Care Coordination

We provide care coordination between you and your medical team.

Billing Issues

Our billing experts offer assistance in resolving medical and insurance billing issues.

Healthcare Resources

Community healthcare and support resources can be identified to assist you.

Second Opinions

Your patient advocate can help secure second opinions for diagnoses or clinical trials

Employment/ADA Issues

ADA and employee health are critical for any employer.  Patient Care Partners can help.

Medical Power of Attorney

Work with Patient Care Partner experts to define and implement medical power of attorney.

Advanced Care Directives

Your advocate can help create and implement advanced care directives for you or your loved one.


As healthcare requirements change, Patient Care Partners is here to identify options and recommendations.

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Who We Are

Our team of patient care advocates and medical system experts are waiting to help.

Learn more about who they are and their credentials.
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