Questions We’re Often Asked


What can I expect if I call to ask for more information?

You can expect to talk with one of our trained, professional advocates. Please be aware that our advocates cannot offer medical, legal or financial advice.

How long does it take to get help?

Patient Care Partners works with you, as an individual. We will listen to your needs and propose a plan to meet your needs. We are flexible and understand many issues have an urgency. We respect patients and their families as people who have real needs. You will be our top priority.

What services are not included in private patient advocacy support?

Patient Care Partners cannot offer legal, medical or financial advice within our scope of services. We do have a network of trusted professionals and community partners which we can recommend.

How much does an advocate charge?

There is no fee for an initial consultation. Once you contact us, we will assess your situation and current needs and concerns. We will respond with a situation summary and possible resources that may meet your needs. We also will include a  proposed advocacy care plan with an estimate of hours required if you would like to engage us as your advocacy partner. Our fee is typically $75 – $100/hour for our professional services billed in 15-minute increments. We will consider taking on insurance claim problems for a percentage of the amount saved. 

What about Power of Attorney for Healthcare?

Patient Care Partners can act as your Power of Attorney for Healthcare. We will meet with you to establish your needs and expectations. After that meeting, we stay in contact with you. When you need us to step in and act on that Power of Attorney for Healthcare we will act in exactly the manner you requested. We do charge a yearly retainer of $500 and time spent acting as the Power of Attorney is billed at $75/hour. 

I have another question!

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