Why Choose a Private Patient Advocate?

Because Advocacy Support Matters  

We provide these Services:

  • Provide care coordination between you and your medical care team
  • Resolve Insurance and billing issues
  • Identify complimentary healthcare and community support
  • Recommendations for Employment and ADA issues
  • Help in obtaining second opinions, research regarding diagnosis and/or clinical cancer trials
  • Assist during times of healthcare transition: clarifying options and identifying resources that best fit your needs right now
  • Support Advanced Care Directives preparations and Healthcare Power of Attorney

You are the ‘traveler’ in your healthcare journey, or in helping with the situation of a loved one.  We are here to assist with a ‘map’ to help guide you, provide clarification and additional resources and support.  We are problem solvers! 

Our work can be done effectively and quickly – and we always see an improvement in access to services, patient outcomes, effective use of resources, and savings of time and money.  Our goal is to help our patients and families while tracking real ways in which we are improving patient care within our current medical system. 

Please call us to see how we can help you effectively navigate your journey.

Contact us today to see how we can help you effectively navigate your journey.  608-445-5431 or email debby@patientcarepartners.org

Choose a private Patient Advocate because:

  • We give you a voice. Sometimes you don’t feel your medical care team isn’t listening to you or talking with each other. As trained, experienced Patient Advocates, we can help amplify your voice, concerns, and needs in a courteous, professional, timely manner.
  • We navigate the gap between insurers and healthcare systems. Patients often feel caught in the middle of a battle between insurance companies and healthcare providers. If you have been denied a procedure by your insurance company or seek a second medical opinion, you may need help to navigate the gap between insurers and healthcare providers.
  • We are an independent resource who works only for you, the patient, and/or your family. Due to illness, patients might fear losing their independence, health insurance, prescription coverage, or even their job. We can help navigate life-changing situations because we have walked through these issues before with people just like you.
  • We can address and resolve medical billing errors. Did you know that the likelihood of a  medical bill having a mistake is 57%?  Insurance companies are large and complex organizations serving millions of people – errors occur, which then affect the individual.  Often healthcare providers themselves acknowledge that their billing processes are complicated and hard to navigate. We have experience working with providers and insurance companies in resolving errors and negotiating arrangements.
  • We ensure your medical care team visits are efficient. Doctors are pressured to keep patient visits short – in fact, physicians report expectation of patient appointment times is 8-11 minutes. We can help you prepare for the appointment and summarize your questions and concerns ahead of time. We can accompany you to help express your needs, and take notes regarding your medical care and follow up. We can also summarize the experience with the patient and/or their loved ones to make sure the message from the healthcare provider is understood.  This leads to improved care.
  • We help with care coordination. Physicians tell us improved efficiency through private advocacy support helps them deliver better medical care, which leads to improved patient outcomes – for example, improved access, fewer ER visits, and hospitalization readmissions, and greater patient satisfaction with their medical care – all leading to improved patient outcomes.
  • We know the healthcare community and have a trusted network of providers, services and care facilities. We can help guide patients in accessing healthcare options and community support systems.
  • We support families during chronic, life-threatening or terminal illnesses. We can help provide information or resources to help make decisions regarding a loved one’s care.
  • We provide a service that is lacking in our current healthcare system. We have seen too many patients get left behind or left out of the system. We believe that patient advocacy matters. Many people are fortunate to have a family member to be there to advocate for them. Even those family members can be tired, stressed, and not know where to turn when facing overwhelming systems and situations.  This is when we can help. We are efficient and experienced in navigating these systems. We want the best outcome for every patient.
  • We help you provide personalized, hands-on care coordination for your loved one during times of illness or transition. Everyone has limits based on time and distance. Families are often unexpectedly overwhelmed when a loved one becomes ill, but …we can help.

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