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Video Testimonial

The video features a heartfelt testimonial from a client who served as the health care power of attorney and a close friend of a man with dementia. The client discusses their experience with Patient Care Partners, emphasizing the crucial support they received in managing their friend's medical care.

The client delves into the complexities of making medical decisions, candidly expressing their lack of medical expertise. The pivotal role of Patient Care Partners is underscored here; how their assistance was indispensable in navigating difficult medical decisions and ensuring the best possible quality of life for their friend.

Video Transcript

I was the health care power of attorney and long time friend of a man who had Patient Care Partners as his patient advocate.

For people who have dementia, going to the doctor can be very scary and stressful. And it was important that our friend had a companion with him who he could trust.

I was very much aware that I had to make some heavy duty medical decisions and I'm not a doctor. I'm not an RN. Sometimes the doctors would mention treatments or medications I'd never heard of. I needed somebody I could turn to and say, “What do you think about this”?

You know, I have to decide by tomorrow whether I'm going to consent to this procedure and I need some help figuring this out.

Without Patient Care Partners, I think that my friend's life, the last two years, would not have been as good. He might not have lived as long as he did.

Patient Care Partners is your ally in really hard times. And those are the times when you need an ally the most.

Debby Deutsch and Nancy Arnold of Patient Care Partners in Madison, WI provided caring and efficient assistance to our family in helping our loved one transition from independent living to a more assisted living arrangement. 

They provided thorough explanations of appropriate options and accompanied our loved one every step of the way. Communication with family members in two different states was always prompt and complete. 

These two outstanding care givers could not have been more professional, available or comforting to our loved one and our family. We will be forever grateful for their caring assistance.
Patient Care Partners Testimonial and Review


Northbrook IL and Indio CA
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Video Testimonial

The video presents a touching endorsement of Patient Care Partners, focusing on the experiences of individuals without children or whose children are unable to assist with their healthcare needs. The clients, a couple approaching their elder years, share their initial concerns about managing health and end-of-life care without familial support. The video captures their relief and contentment upon discovering Patient Care Partners.

The couple speaks highly of their comprehensive planning sessions with Debby. They express admiration for her thorough approach, covering every conceivable scenario, including some they hadn't anticipated. They highlight the relief of not having to navigate their healthcare challenges alone, appreciating the guidance and assistance provided by Patient Care Partners.

Video Transcript

Patient Care Partners is great for for people like us that don't have children. And even for people that have children but maybe their children aren't able to take care of them, and their health care.

We weren't sure how we were going to go into our elderly years and end of life. And so finding Debby was was wonderful.

We sat down with Debby and we went over every possible scenario that you could think of. And there were even a couple that we didn't think about. And she just made us feel really comfortable.

Just this reassuring, "You don't have to figure it out" and we don't have to think it through and, you know, we'll try. But you're there to help, to assist.
Patient Care Partners Testimonials


Dillion, CO
As a guardian of an elder and living out of state, Patient Care Partners was a godsend to ensure my auntie was provided love and care at the end of life. Their Patient Advocates have the clinical knowledge to identify care issues early and coordinate care to ensure comfort for an elder.

Their communication with me was timely and thorough. I highly recommend this team of professionals!
Patient Care Partners Testimonial


Chicago, IL
We were having extreme difficulty coordinating effective care and understanding next steps in the healthcare network. In trying to find help, we learned that there were patient advocacy professionals and were able to find Patient Care Partners. 

The credentials of the professionals and testimonials of their clients led us to retain them to help us. PCP did not let us down. We worked very closely with Nurse Carol, who was very proactive in helping us coordinate care and understanding next steps. 

She understands the healthcare system very well and easily translates its language to clients. We were in great hands with Nurse Carol, and with her help, we were able to turn the situation around quickly. We would recommend Nurse Carol and PCP for anyone in need of guidance.
Patient Care Partners Testimonials


Madison, WI
Enlisting the help of Patient Care Partners was invaluable. I only wish I had known about them earlier. My husband had been ill for at least 6 months, during which time his health situation became more complicated. He had 6 weeks of radiation, home health services, falls requiring trips to ER and then a stroke requiring hospitalization. Several medical specialists were involved but no primary care. After 5 days a social worker announced that he was going to a rehab facility the next day.

  There was no discharge meeting and no opportunity to visit the facility. I had been told that he would be cared for medically by primary care physician at the facility but after arriving I was told by Director of Nursing that the information was not correct. He would not be eligible for medical care through the rehab facility. My husband did not do well with rehab and became progressively more ill. His care was not good and I tried to arrange to move him but with no success.

I finally met a friend who referred us to Patient Care Partners. My husband and I met two nurses with PCP and their administrator. The nurse I worked with was very competent, supportive and able to determine what we needed. She was very kind to my husband and kept him informed as well. She was able to read his chart (which I was not allowed to do). She could assess his care and medications. 

A care meeting was scheduled soon as Medicare mandated and we had to decide what course we would take. With the help of our nurse advocate, my husband and I agreed that palliative care would be best option. Our nurse advocate visited us frequently at the hospice facility. She remained involved with us, visited frequently and checked to see how we were doing. I was able to stay with him for the 5 days he was there and those were very precious days. Without her guidance, caring and knowledge this would not have happened.

Our nurse advocate has remained involved with me, accompanying me to a medical procedure. She stayed throughout the procedure and made sure I understood next steps and that all my questions were answered by my doctor..

She also referred me to resources which I have needed. PCP staff attended my husband’s services . Finally, I would like to mention that they have had a grief counselor join their group and she has been very helpful also.

I would recommend Patient Care Partners to anyone who needs help navigating through the health care system.


Madison, WI
"My husband passed after a short bout of aggressive cancer. The amount of paperwork I had to complete after his death was staggering, but I got through it all.

I decided to update my estate documents and realized that I had no one who I could trust to act as my Power of Attorney for Healthcare. I have no children and my one remaining sibling lives far away and is elderly. I did not want to name a friend because my friends are just that – friends – and I did not want to involve any of them with the burden of my healthcare.

I contacted Debby Deutsch and I explained my situation to her. I asked if she could be my Power of Attorney for Healthcare and she said that she could. This was such a relief; I did not know what I was going to do until I talked to her.

I asked my attorney what she thought of this and she told me that she was impressed that I had searched for and found someone to help and that this was a sound idea. My attorney then agreed to act as my secondary POA.

So after signing the contract with Debby and naming her as my POA, I am all set and ready to get on with the rest of my life. I am very grateful to have found someone to act as my POA and hope that this service continues to grow and that more people find the guidance and training to follow this path."
Patient Care Partners Testimonial


Burnsville, MN
Thank you for all your help! I'm extremely grateful to you for your service to our family. Diane would not be where she is in her recovery if it had not been for the key role you played in advising us all along the way. Thank you, Debby.


St. Michael, MN
“Thank you so much, Debby, you were wonderful to work with. You gave us great advice in regard to Mom’s care, and you gave us the confidence to deal with some difficult situations.”
Patient Care Partners Testimonials


Laguna Beach, CA
“Thanks for speaking with me and my brother about my sweet Mom.  Your input was very  helpful for us.”
Patient Care Partners Testimonials


Sturgeon Bay, WI
"We are so happy with the outcome of Larry’s case . We certainly appreciated all that Patient Care Partners did for us ,we would call and someone would come or call. They never let us down. And more should contact them for help when needed.
Thank you again for all your help and concern."
Patient Care Partners Testimonials

RACHEL - Nurse Practioner

Madison, WI
"The comprehensive care and support has significantly improved the quality of life for our mutual patient and solved problems where other community programs could not. I am incredibly impressed with and grateful for the services your organization provides – thank you!"
Patient Care Partners Testimonials


Madison, WI
"Nancy Arnold fulfilled the definition of care manager in assisting me with my role as caregiver. In her calm and attentive manner, she assisted me in identifying my needs, provided emotional support and because of her knowledge of local resources found the perfect fit of staff to assist us. This has made life so much easier for us. She is wonderful and I recommend her to all caregivers."
Patient Care Partners Testimonials


West Bend, WI
My family retained Patient Care Partners to assist with long term care facility issues and wrapping up the medical practice after my brother-in law’s death. The three-woman team (Nancy Arnold RN, Carol Wittenberg RN, and Debby Deutsch BCPA) cannot be more highly recommended for their professionalism, empathy, and competence.

Not only were they available to ensure care meetings occurred in the facility, but they also conferred with the professionals at the facility and were emotionally supportive to my sister. They assisted my family in understanding what to expect in a long -term care and rehabilitation facility and provided resources to attain the highest attainable care for my brother-in-law.

The team builds upon the special skills of each other to deliver competent, accessible, and excellent support. They are a knowledgeable and professional, and absolutely necessary addition to any family members struggling with what to expect in the long- term care system.
Patient Care Partners Testimonials


Madison, WI
“Debby helped me immensely during a very stressful time. She is calming and kind, but also extremely effective and responsive. It was so nice to have help from someone I could rely on who knows the local healthcare and hospital systems, Medicare, etc.”
Patient Care Partners Testimonials

G Family

Sun Prairie, WI
"Dear Debby and Team,

You have given many families the gift of your talents: the ability to untangle life's complexities. We are included!

Thank you!"
Patient Care Partners Testimonials

Pam G & Family of a Veteran

Sun Prairie, WI
"Debby and  all,

Thank you for your amazing and important work!"
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